Timurbay Seafront Residence Rules

By following these rules, not only will you have a more enjoyable experience, but you will also be helping to create a pleasant environment for all of our guests. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

General Rules

No Smoking

Strictly NO SMOKING at common areas.

Car Park

Park your car at the designated parking bay allocated to your host or risk to be clamped down by the management.

Access Door & Gate

Kindly make sure access door and gate (access gate to the beach) are closed properly after you opened them.


We don’t tolerate vandalism here. There are many CCTV in the area/building will be monitoring your action 24/7.

Do Not Litter

Kindly throw any rubbish away into the bin provided.

Swimming Pool

Wear Appropriate Attire

Only nylon, spandex or polyester type (or other fabrics that dry off quick) of swimwear are allowed. Strictly NO COTTON.

Dry Off

Make sure to dry yourself off after swimming. DO NOT ENTER the lift if your shirt is still wet. Kindly proceed to the changing room nearby.

Don't Move Stuffs

We know you want to move those seats in the pool. We beg you, please just DON’T.



Most of our hosts have a NON-SMOKING policy in their apartment but some do allowed (at the balcony).

Kids Alert

ALWAYS keep an eye (or both) on your kids. All of our apartments have their own balcony means kids could play those “climb & jump” games which could be dangerous.

Moving Furniture

If you wish to move the furnitures from its place, we don’t mind as long as you move them back (without damaging the furnitures) before you leave the apartment.

Always Clean Up

Kindly throw away leftover foods and other rubbish into the bin. Don’t leave them on the table/floor as they could attract all those unwanted insects & bad smell.

No Party

Strictly no party inside the apartment. Respect other guests/residents who stay here by not being loud.

No Pet

Don’t bring your pet into the apartment unless your host allows it. Refer your host for further info.

Save Electricity & Water

Remember to TURN OFF all the electrical appliances and water supply if you are not using them or when you are leaving the apartment.

Waste/Rubbish Handling

Throw away your rubbish bags (before you leave the apartment or rubbish bin is full) at the REFUSE ROOM provided at each floor. Refer your host if you’re unsure where it is located.


No Wet Shirt

DO NOT USE the gym equipments if your shirt is wet especially after you just had your swim. Kindly proceed to the gym’s changing room.

Put It Back

Make sure to put the equipments used back to its original places. We don’t want to see dumbbell lying around the floor then cause someone to trip over it and fall.

Wear Proper Shoes

NO BAREFOOT in the gym. We don’t want any incidents where a dumbbell falls down and hit your toes. Kindly wear shoes for protection.


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